Beyond Wow Tile Art Murals

Frequently Asked Questions

Q   What is the technique used to get the art into the stone tile?  I know it isn't a decal, fired or handpainted.

A    The process we use results in long lasting, durable, vibrant images imbedded into one, or over many, stone tiles.The fine art you select is digitally formatted and prepped for color output. It is then divided into individual sections. The polymer-coated tiles are placed on the image and heat is applied. The intense heat vaporizes the ink while the pressure imbeds the color into the surface of the coated stone.When the stone cools, the ink returns to a solid state, permanently locking the art into the stone's surface.

Q      Can the tile mural weather the elements if we have it installed outside?

A      Yes, you can enjoy your mural outdoors, but be certain that it is under protective cover and out of direct sunlight. 

Q     Tell me about the shipping process? How long will it take? Will I be notified it is on its way? What else do I need to know?

    Your sealed Beyond Wow stone tile mural will arrive in 2-3 weeks. The insured package(s) will be shipped by UPS ground service. If you wish, we can notify you of the expected arrival date. The cost of shipping is based on package weight, the distance it will travel, and the cost of insurance.

Q     Is installation complicated? I never liked puzzles!

    We make installation easy by providing a numbered schematic. The tiles are numbered Left to Right, beginning at the Upper Left mural corner. We suggest a professional installer. We also recommend sand-free grout.

Q     How do we care for the mural after installation? 

A     Use soap and water, or an occasional cleansing with a weak ammonia solution. Avoid abrasive applicators and products. A good "Rule of Thumb" is to treat the mural as you would the finish on your car.

    I  know you make you murals out of stone. What if I want a different product?

A     We do prefer the resulting antique-look of our contemporary collection of art on stone. However, we appreciate the importance of providing customers with alternatives. When requested, we can offer matte and glossy white ceramic tile and porcelain tiles. The effect is sharp, clean and crisp.

Q      What if my mural is damaged during shipping, or if a tile breaks during installation?

     (1) Shipping-related: Notify us immediately if your order arrives damaged. We have insured  the package and will thus replace it at our expense. You will need to keep the damaged goods and packaging to support the claim with the shipper. (2)  Damage during handling/installation: Once the tiles have arrived intact, we cannot be responsible for breakage. However, we do know that accidents happen and if this occurs, we will provide replacement tiles for a nominal fee plus shipping. 

Q     What is your policy about cancellations?

A     Contact us within 72 hours if you must cancel the mural order. Orders cancelled after that time will be subject ot a 25% charge. We apologize and hope you understand that this charge assists in off-setting losses associated with time, materials, etc.

Q     What if I am not satisfied with my mural?

A     We are confident you will love your mural, but in the event you do not, we offer a 14 day Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee, less shipping and a 10% restocking fee.

Returns will not be accepted without prior notification and must be received within 14 days via UPS, insured fully, and returned in their original condition.

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