Beyond Wow Tile Art Murals

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     Our Promise

  • Distinctive Art Gallery
  • Quality Products
  • Exceptional Service 
  • Enduring Design
  • Competitive Pricing


What We Do

 Kitchen  Backsplashes • Fireplaces • Bathrooms • Wine Cellars • Bars • Framed Tiles • Accent Tiles

We specialize in designing unique residential and commercial spaces by placing fine, contemporary art - figurative, still life, landscapes, abstract, and representational works- from the Beyond Wow Signature Collection onto stone to create decorative tile art murals. 

The element of surprise that results from striking images on an "old world" canvas of stone complete with grooves, veining & other natural imperfections is simply a WOW and  our goal for every mural we produce.

       Design reflects taste. Taste expresses passion.  Follow yours to Wow.

What's New

  • Introducing It's About the Dress and More... by fashion artist Rhonda Corley. No imagination required to see how fabulous this collection will look on tile.
  • Murals now available for outdoor installation.
  • A stone mural using a favorite photograph or your own art? We can do that!



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