Beyond Wow Tile Art Murals

Design It

                      1. Select the perfect artwork from our Signature Gallery.  

                      2. Determine the size of your stone canvas based on your space. 

                      3. Select the right tile and tile size for your project. 

                      4. Consider accenting your inspired tile canvas  with a mat and frame.

                      5. Place your order.

                      6. Approve the digital mural proof for image placement and color tones.

                      7. Make plans for installation while you wait to receive your mural (usually 3 weeks).

                      8. Watch your mural come to life as it is installed; then admire your artistic tile art creation.



  •  The perfect art.
  •  The perfect tile.
  •  The perfect accent.
  •  Bold & Brilliant.
  •  A Masterpiece.
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Click on arrow for matting and moulding ideas.

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